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Some highlights -- merely to demonstrate being a creative, imaginative problem solver, not afraid of recognizing difficult issues, and getting stuff done within the planned time & budget (usually as Lead Manager, Architect, CIA, CTO, CIO, COO, or CEO):

  • Developed 1st working defense against distributed Denial-of-Service (dDoS) attacks, implemented successfully for 340 million users worldwide (Melior - Dallas, USA)
  • Redesigned and implemented secure banking-grade infrastructure for online money transactions (1st cross-bank money transfer for CashEdge - Milpitas, and virtual currency exchange for Bartertrust, San Francisco, USA)
  • Built and managed acquisition, integration, and MIS/IT for the largest global barter company, scaling from 15 to 250 employees in 9 months, and over 6 countries (Bartertrust - San Francisco, USA)
  • Built and migrated in excess of 400 Content Aggregators to form what became IGN, the largest online gaming network (Snowball - San Francisco, USA)
  • Built $20million - 1st "SuperPOP" - Data Center for data and voice services from slab to full operations (Globix - Santa Clara / Silicon Valley, USA)
  • Built two subsidiaries in Chennai / India for software development and support (Cashedge - Milpitas / Silicon Valley, USA)
  • Managed US - MIS/IT for 4,600 employees in 46 US offices for $7billion-revenue Turner Construction and liased with parent company Hochtief in Germany (Turner - Dallas, USA)
  • Built and managed global MIS/ IT for Macromedia, Bartertrust, Cashedge (from the US: in London, Sydney, Tokyo, Chennai/India)
  • Built and scaled the infrastructure and content platform for the No 5 web site on the Internet at the time (Macromedia - San Francisco, USA)
  • 1st Global Web Content Mirrors deployed in London and Tokyo (Macromedia - San Francisco, USA)
  • Owned a Cray Supercomputer for code-breaking demonstrations while consulting for WiFi security services (Melior - Dallas, USA)
  • Was invited and considered for an A5 position in NATO C3 Chief Strategy Management (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Built and managed 1st free public WiFi access point - gaining US nationwide exposure for the City of Dallas amongst the Top 10 "unwired cities" (Melior - Dallas, USA)
  • Built 1st-ever WiFi "WarDriving" Van with 8-mile gain / data pickup range, demonstrated across Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (Melior - Dallas, USA)
  • Asked for and had sole responsibility to build the dual-redundant and highly scalable download infrastructure for ShockWave in just 3 months for 1/3 of the final $2.5million budget - thus enabling the existence of Flash, which subsequently became the basis for many large services: YouTube, et al (Macromedia - San Francisco, USA)
  • Consulted Disney, AT&T on domains for the emerging consumer Internet, and the City of Burbank on a city-wide SONET Fiber Ring for competitive movie studio data (Data Systems West - Los Angeles, USA)
  • Co-Developed 1st Loss-Less X-Ray Digitalization (DMI - Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Was the 1st Internet Service Provider (ISP) in my hometown ( - Münster, Germany)
"Technology makes the World go round". (?)

”The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Alan Curtis Kay

”An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur”
attributed to both Axel Oxenstierna and Cardinal Richelieu


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